Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pouty Patti

Our cousins were over visiting our new family member today (I'll blog about that tomorrow). For some unknown reason, Patti got her knickers in a knot and started pouting. She flopped herself down on the couch obviously wanting to be noticed, and sweet Phoebe quickly snuggled in. I don't know if Phoebe was trying to comfort her or just saw an opportunity to cuddle up. She laid her head on Patti and rubbed her tummy. Soooo sweet. I think Patti secretly liked it or else she would have pushed her right off.

After a nice long nap, Patti woke up with a smile. She and Cal sat down to share a book together. Sweet.

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Robinson Family said...

Great pictures. That last one of the two of them is so good of both! (And Patti's pout is hilarious...wherever did she learn to make that face?)