Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wife's turn!

Okay, the whole grocery store thing was when we were dating and first married (totally before kids). I USE to be into the whole "romantic" thing and picking up flowers (the ones by the checkout counter wrapped in plastic and fasted with a rubber band) as a "second thought" didn't count in the Oh, how sweet department. Since I complained about it 8+ years ago, I just don't get flowers period. Okay, well maybe a few times since..... but, the whole "grocery" store flowers comes up each time. Totally makes me feel ungrateful..... and I really wasn't trying to be ungrateful. At that time, the hopeless romantic in me wanted him to go buy flowers because he wanted to buy flowers... not because it was convenient. Now, I'd love any type of flower.... even one out of the front yard.

Oh, and I do 99% of the grocery shopping..... so, don't go thinkin' that that boy is doing me some big favors and does all our shopping. He might (okay, he will) run to the store if I forgot something. And he hasn't bought me any "wasn't chocolate" in a loooong time.

And, in my defense..... the discussion this morning all started because hubby likes to pick on me (being funny and typical of Daniel) and I was just reminding him that I was very hormonal and insecure right now..... he needed to be sweet, leave me love notes and buy me flowers. You get the rest :)


Me said...

Yikes! You know it's so much easier to have an opinion when you know the men aren't listening! :) How about he buys groceries and flowers?

The Robinsons said...

Man! I skip reading your blog for one day and I miss the heated debate of the decade!

In my case, I think the grocery store flowers would be sweeter...J hates to shop (including the grocery store). I can't remember the last time I've even asked him to pick anything up for me. So, if he bought me flowers from the g store, it would have be a special trip and much more trouble than calling in a delivery.

My first choice, though, would be live flowers from Lowe's...I'd way rather plant them in the ground and enjoy them for longer.

Amy said...

You guys crack me up. Go get her some flowers, Daniel (grocery store or otherwise, at this point it doesn't matter)!!! ;o}

Perks said...

After reading all of the comments, I know what you are getting for Valentines day. See you at Kroger, Danny boy!

Calling Out 100 said...

Ok, Chad and I just had a laughing session. Holy cow...we were rolling. And now, Daniel has given Chad a wonderful idea of hijacking my blog. Thanks! :) I love getting flowers anytime, and I don't even mind getting them from the grocery store, but I now have to post what my g-store flowers look like after just 2 days...go look. :) Makes me laugh even harder. Sorry Chad & Daniel. Case closed!!