Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hijacked wifes blog

This is the husband speaking...wife is in the other room watching TV. Probably get in trouble for this...oh well. Anyway, there needs to be some man reasoning into this! G-store has good prices on flowers (most of the time). So, do you (ladies) want flowers once a month for five months or flowers once a year...i.e. Valentines? Comes out to about the same price (sorry, that's how I think(I like to spread it out)).

J hates the g-store...I don't mind going. Shouldn't that be a double bonus?!? Somebody buys your groceries and brings you flowers at the same time (even if it's only feminine products (true about an awkward moment in a man's life....a dozen roses and a box of.......well anyway, it wasn't chocolate)) I also move around the placement locations(car, kitchen, bed, etc...) So, it doesn't seem like they're from a g-store. hahaha

Anyway, J's going to argue she hasn't gotten them in a long time...that's why were having this discussion now

My two me pig if you must

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