Friday, April 24, 2009


The kid's school, St. Thomas ELC, is having a Spring Festival this Saturday. As part of my "contribution," I signed up to do confetti eggs.... also known as Cascarones. This brought back SO many memories. I grew up in S. Texas... I'm Hispanic on my father's side of the family (did I phrase that correctly?). Anyway.... when we had Easter egg hunts growing up, we hunted cascarones and smashed them on each other's heads, down shirts and pants.... anywhere we could :) When I moved to College Station in Jr. High, I realized that most people "up here" hunt plastic or hard-boiled eggs (gross!). I've adapted and we do a little of both.... no hard-boiled though. So, we saved our egg shells for a few months and invited our cousins over to color and fill the eggs for the festival. Lots of fun and beautiful eggs!

While the girls colored eggs, the boys played Superheros..... toooooo precious!!!

And this little guy was such a trooper....just content crawling around.

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The Robinsons said...

So fun! I've never heard of making cascarones, I've only seen the ones in the grocery store.

I must admit, we do a mixture of plastic and hard boiled here. And, while I agree with you, hard boiled would not be my personal choice for an afternoon sweet treat, they are SUPER fun to dye and decorate! (And I've got a killer chicken salad recipe that makes short work of the post-hunt eggs).

I'm still impressed that you've been such an active school-mom mid-pregnancy!