Friday, April 24, 2009

More fun....

It's been great having my mom here.... we love Grams! The kids love the extra attention!

Paw Paw is here for a little visit too~ always ready to read with his sweet granddaughter.

My mom's funny.... I went to work on some pictures in my room one day and came out to see my kids sitting on the tile between the kitchen and living room eating ice cream cones and watching TV. My mom looked at me and smiled.... she said that they wanted to watch TV but knew that I wouldn't let them eat in the living room.... so, they compromised. I would have made them choose one or the other.... this is why grandmas have the reputations they do :)

Patti and Cal each got some neat crayons and coloring books for their birthday. Patti loves to color and is getting so much better at it .... I love this picture!

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