Thursday, April 30, 2009

Questions, questions, questions.....

Okay, sometimes I find it humorous.... sometimes just down right annoying. Does that make me a bad mom?

A conversation I just had with my kids:

Cal: What's this big bow for?

Me: Nothing... leave it alone.

Cal: But I want to see it.

Patti: (walking in to the conversation) What big bow? What's is for?

Me: (thinking that if I give them a quick explanation, they'll leave it alone) A present.

Patti: What kind of present?

Me: (Ugh) A wedding present.

Patti: What kind of wedding present? (in other words, what is it?)

Me: (UGH) It's a ___________ (just in case they read my blog).

Patti: For who?

Cal: Wedding? What's a wedding?

Me: (hmm?) Ummmm..... it's when a boy and girl get married and become husband and wife.

Me: (to Patti) It's for Ben and Regan.

Patti: Is one a big boy or little boy?

Me: Definitely a big boy.

Patti: Is the other one a big boy or little boy?

Me: A big girl.

Patti: Oh.

Cal: Are they coming to our house?

Me: No... they aren't.

Cal: But, but, but.... why not????

Me: Because they just aren't!!!!

Cal: But I want them to come to our house (super whiny tone)... I want to play with them.


Anonymous said...

Too funny Jen...I totally understand...from the moment Colleen wakes up until she goes to bed it is questions about everything...the latest ?.

Colleen: Is it mask day today?

Me: No...what r u talking about?

Colleen: Why r those kids wearing masks?

Me: Because there is a really bad flu going around.

Colleen: Am I going to wear a mask?

Me: No...just wash your hands a lot.

Colleen: Who gave those kids the mask?

Me: I don't know...probably their parents.

Colleen: Are those kids sick?

Me: Uggh...Yes...that's why they r wearing masks.

Colleen: Well if they r sick then they shouldn't be at school.

Me: Yes...sweetie u are right. Mommy is very late for work...I love you and listen to your teachers.

Amy B. said...