Thursday, February 4, 2010

He's a mess....

David will be 9 months old in ten days. He's a mess! He has been crawling since the week he turned 6 months, and I expect him to be walking in a few weeks. He has never sat on his bottom (unless I sit him like that, but he quickly rolls out of it). Seriously. He learned to push up on all fours before he had enough balance to sit on his own. Then, he went straight to crawling.... still not having enough balance to sit on his own. Once he started crawling, forget sitting still! He now props himself back on his knees... and that's how he prefers to sit. He's starting to stand by himself now.... but only for a few seconds.
He loves bathtime! He splashes water the entire time like a mad-man.... I have to keep the shower curtain closed as much as I can or else we all get drenched!
Cal's new favorite thing to do is climb into David's crib with him and wrestle! David loves it! It's the only time he doesn't cry when he's in his crib (awake). Here's Cal giving David some "tummy bubbles".

We've also learned that those big white things in the kitchen and bathroom can open, and they hide all sorts of wonderful things!

You can't really tell, but that's a phone book on the ground with half of the cover torn off. David has the torn piece in his right hand. There isn't a magazine or book, at baby-level, that doesn't have pages ripped out of it. Evidently, paper is a yummy treat.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, are you in for it. Hunter walked (ran) at 9 months!!! David maybe wilder than Cal!!! But sooooo cute. Still looks like Brian and Daniel. I love your pics. They make my day. Thanks, Lee

Shelley said...

He is so cute and looks so tiny to be standing up! Love the bath time eyelashes!

Me said...

He's so cute! I miss that stage!