Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy First Birthday David Ray!

My baby turns 1 today. I can't believe it!

Here are some facts about our little man....

  • He loves to make a mess.... he is constantly walking around the house looking to see what he can shake, climb, or chew on.
  • He "talks" all the time... he just started to say "mama".... which melts my toenails.
  • His favorite toy is the remote control. I think he has a "remote control" radar that tells him when a remote has been left within reach. As soon as you call his name, he starts to run (while tucking the remotes in his arms). It's cute... but, if you're trying to watch something and he changes the channel or raises the volume super loud, it's not so cute.

  • He loves his mommy, but lights up when he sees his daddy.... maybe it's because he doesn't see him as much and he's the fun one that throws him in the air and tickles him until he just can't stand it anymore.
  • He started walking the week before he turned 10 months... now he runs.
  • He adores his brother and sister... always greets them with a smile and a big wet kiss.
  • He's not a huge fan of naps. Some days he might sleep 30 minutes and some days he might sleep 2 hours. He might take 1 nap or 2.... hopefully he'll figure this out soon. It's driving mommy a little nuts.

  • His eyes can't decide what color they want to be... I think they might stay Hazel.
  • He's had several "trims".... because his hair just keeps growing!
  • When he gets really sleepy, he cuddles in to your shoulder and tucks his arms under him.... it's so sweet.
  • He has a crazy temper....he is starting to throw himself on the floor crying. It usually only last for just a few seconds... and he's so cute and small that it's almost funny.

We just love him so much. He's precious.

Happy Birthday sweet baby boy. We love you!


Shelley said...
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Shelley said...

(trying this again with proofreading!)

He is such a cutie and the pics with the remotes are too funny! What a sweet tribute!!!

The Robinsons said...

Happy Birthday, David!! (Good grief, he looks like such a big boy in that first picture!)

Perks said...

LOVE this post! LOVE that kid!