Friday, October 15, 2010

The State Fair of Texas

Daniel and I had been talking about taking the kids to the State Fair for weeks. He grew up going to the Fair as a child and had great memories. I've only been twice. When I was around 9, my dad was in the hospital in Dallas getting his chemo treatments and some family friends took me while I was there visiting my parents (my mom stayed with my dad in Dallas and I would fly up on weekends). It was a very special memory. Then, Daniel and I went with some friends of ours... long before kids. Also, great memories.
I managed to get sick last week... and I mean sick. I wasn't sure I would be able to handle going afterall. The kids were out of school on Monday and it was really the only day that we could go. So, at the last minute I decided to take one for the team and sucked it up for a day. And, I am so glad I did. We had so much fun! (I apologize to any family in DFW that we didn't go visit. It was really a quick last minute trip... plus I was still sick.)
We grabbed dinner on our way out of town. Poor David was so tired that he fell asleep mid-chew... yes, that is a chicken nugget hanging out of his mouth.
Okay, we're pigs... we had dinner twice. By the time we got to our hotel, the kids (and adults) were hungry again. Nothing like Taco Bell at the Holiday Inn. By the way...anyone notice Cal eating a beef taco??? We've come a long way!

My kids LOVE staying at hotels. LOVE it.

I was a little worried about how David was going to handle sitting in his stroller for hours. This boy is active... he wants to run and climb on everything.

The Midway was by far the kid's favorite place to be... and mommy and daddy's least favorite place to be. Do you know how much it costs to play games and ride rides??? Good grief!

Our first ride... I was terrified!! My heart was racing the whole time I was climbing those stairs (and because I was winded... that's a long climb!). That's Cal going by himself and then me and Patti at the top of the picture. That 10 seconds cost us $15. No joke.

The kids loved this game. You shoot water into a hole and the first one to pop their balloon wins. See Cal's balloon... it's the biggest one. He played twice and won twice.

Here's his big prize~ he even beat adults sitting next to him!

This isn't the best picture of Patti and her cotton candy... but can you see the little hand sticking out of the stroller trying to snag her yummy treat??

Okay, so don't judge. I don't typically give my kids this many sugary treats. It's the State Fair! Honestly though, I didn't realize how bad we ate until I looked at these pictures. I feel like I need to go pull my kids out of school right now and brush their teeth. Ugh.

David was a CHAMP! He did soooo good. At one point (as we're plowing our way through the Midway-it was so crowded) this man leaned over to us and told us (pointing at David)... "Hey, you might want to lay him down, he's passed out." Daniel and I peaked over the stroller and David was face-planted into his tray. Daniel reached for the camera, but I felt so bad for him and quickly layed him down. Poor buddy. We both cracked up laughing and turned around to thank the guy and he was cracking up too. It really was a funny sight... and sad.

David finally got out of his stroller in the barn area (less crowded). We figured it was about time... he had been in there for almost 5 hours.
I love this picture... See Patti grabbing David's arm? She's such a mommy. He's thoroughly annoyed with her... Can you tell?

I don't know if we'll go again next year, but it will definitely be a trip we'll take again!


erin said...

Thanks for posting this! We haven't taken our kids yet, though I should probably start saving $$ now.=) Your kids are so cute and so big. They looked VERY happy. Love, Erin

Perks said...

Cute pics!! However, I'm still nauseous that your kids are EATING ON TOP OF THE HOTEL BLANKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLLLLAAAAHHHHH!!!! I don't even let my kids sit on it or touch it. They don't wash those blankets between visitors and do you know what happens with bed covers (besides the fact that get put on the floor). Um...all sorts of funky. So, I may have to get therapy after seeing that picture.

Looks like a fun time. That slide was 15 bucks!???! Wowzers.

Uncle Mark said...

Thank goodness for big strollers with storage. Nothing like having a huge banana to carry around the state fair all day. By the way, I never got to eat that "good" at the fair when I was little. I'm a little jealous! :) What a fun day! Loved the pictures!

Anonymous said...

So they ate and ate junk--who cares. The older ones will remember it always with a smile on their faces. I am proud of you both for taking them this young. Loved the pictures.
Love you all,

Leigh T said...

Poor David! Face planted on his stroller tray. Thanks for the laugh - I needed it this morning! Yes, good job letting your kids eat and just be kids. There is a reason that God lets the baby teeth fall out - we can have a fresh start after eating the junk that kids eat. Love you all!