Tuesday, July 3, 2012

David... Age 3

David turned 3 on May 14th. Like his brother, Calloway, 3 is proving to be more challenging than those Terrible Twos! David is such a boy... he loves anything rough and tough.... dirty and gross.  But, I find a little Patti in him too.... he likes things clean and neat (well, to his standards at least).

He loves Spiderman, Superman, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario and Legos!  His favorite show right now is Peppa Pig. His favorite movie is Toy Story 3 and Ninjago.

I have a hard time getting this boy to eat... but, his favorite snacks are goldfish, fruit snacks (he's picky about what characters), and he loves apples and bananas. He can drink a gallon of chocolate milk a day.

Because of his older brother and his friends, David is terrified of the dark, Zombies, Ghosts and Vampires. I've done my best to explain that they aren't real... and every once in a while, you can hear David say, "They aren't real... Jesus will protect me."  He begs to go to Chuck E Cheese, but once there, he screams and cried because he's afraid of Chuck E Cheese. He'll even tell himself (in between sobs), "I'm not scared... it's just a costume." Because of all the drama, he is attached to my arms. I can't complain too much... it won't last forever. But, it's hard when I need to get dinner ready.

He's so smart... and so loving. He adores Cal and Patti... but, he also loves to fight and argue with them as well. They are good about playing the Wii together... David's favorite Wii game is Super Smash Brothers Brawl (sounds like such a wholesome sweet game huh?). It's crazy how good at it he is... he'll even beat Daniel (fair and square).

The boy loves to sing Eye of the Tiger... it's so stinkin' cute!

Here are some of his favorite phrases:

"Mommy, I want to cuddo (cuddle) wif you."

"It's not wet, it's drive."

"Where's Caddoway?"


"Can I want waffles?"

"Can I want chocolate milk?"

"My tummy's choking me." (I think this means he's burping?)

"But.... but.... but..... "

(When he prays... ) "Thank you for God... Mommy. Thank you for God... Daddy. Thank you for God... "

(Eye of the Tiger) "I have the tiger... "

"Mommy, my Wii-mote needs batteries."

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