Saturday, January 19, 2008

Potty training update

Other than going a little nutty after being stuck at home for several days, things are going surprisingly well. By the end of Day 2, they were going completely on their own without having to be taken every 10 minutes (with only one or two small accidents). But, #2 was a no-show for that day. So, I was worried about #2 making a big appearance on Day 3. To my surprise, Patti went all on her own that morning (it freaked her out though and I found her crying on the potty not knowing what to do.... but, we made a really big deal out of it and she was so proud). That evening, it was Cal's turn.... total and complete panic. He didn't want to go in the potty or in his pants..... I'll spare you all the details. Anyway, they were going every few minutes on their own (Daniel timed how many times Patti went in 20 minutes.... 12 times). Now (Day 4), they go less often, but so far no accidents. Yay.

Our next real test is going out into the real world. I'm a little nervous about taking two potty-training children out in public.... no, I am VERY nervous about taking two potty-training children out in public. Tomorrow is Sunday and that will be our big test. Luckily, I teach across the hall from C and P's class in case they have an accident. We'll probably be sitting in the very back during service. Wish us luck!


erin said...

That sounds like AWESOME progress to me, and like to a factor of 10 because it's 2 of them. Way to go kids and parents.

Stephanie said...

Way to go Cal and Patti! Good job Mom!

Jenny said...

Ahw shucks guys! I have to admit, it's been a lot better than I anticipated, but it's ALL the kids... they've been great. We're still waiting on Cal's #2 to make it's grand appearance... I'm sure it'll be a doozie (sp?).