Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Patti

I've been posting a lot about Cal lately (he's such a mess...
it's easy to blog about all his craziness).
So, it's Patti's turn to have some of the spotlight.
She is precious. She is sweetness. She is a shy smile. She is full of questions. She is beautiful inside and out. She is her daddy's little girl. She is a sweet sister. She is sensitive. She is an animal lover. She is a great sleeper. She is a tip-toe walker. She is a big helper. She is obedient. She is calm. She is polite. She is adorable. She is a child of God.

She is my little Angel.


Robinson Family said...

She is SO beautiful! Sweet post, and precious picture.

Scott, Sara, & Sydney Nickson said...

I've been keeping up with your fam for a while! Glad you found us. We miss you guys and love keeping up with the twins via blog.

Amy said...

Not sure what brought this up...I think we were sitting behind you at church. Anyway, this comes from my husband, and I quote:
"Jenny's kids are really cute. Patti is one of those kids that could be in commercials. She's has such a sweet smile!"
I agree! :O)

Nichole said...

How can you stand it??!!! She's so precious!!!

SheridanLeftwich said...

She is such a sweet girl. I love that HAIR!!!! If only my hair was half that awesome.