Monday, July 26, 2010

The Seawall Half Marathon

Well, it's official.... I'm running a half marathon in November. I registered yesterday... paid my $60... now, there's no backing out. I've always hated running. So, why run 13.1 miles you ask? Because I'm nuts! And because I have a friend that's nuts. She and I have been running together since February (is that right, Shelley?). We started by running some local 5Ks together. We had so much fun... and then I guess we got a little confident and decided to run this half marathon together. We've been running 3-5 miles every Tuesday morning. It's been hot and humid. Good. Grief.

Anyway, it's time to step it up a little and get some more miles in. I am just taking it one mile at a time... hoping to get a good 8-9 mile base in by September. I'm still trying to decide if I actually like this running thing. I think I am.... at least I like the feeling of accomplishment after a good run. I normally don't share a lot about me personally on this blog... it's mostly about my kids. But, I figured that if I told all of you about it, I'd have all of you to hold me accountable! And, how embarrassing would it be if I slacked off and didn't do it! I've started lots and lots of things in my life that I never followed through with. I'm excited about the next few months... and proving to myself that I can do this!

Here's the hard part... I have been pretty lazy lately. In fact, one of my trainers called to check on me after she kicked my booty during our workout this morning. She even noticed my lack of motivation... and stamina. I think it's the "end of summer blues." There's no routine or schedule... always something happening... kids home 24/7 and need to be entertained... vacations.... etc. And, did I mention that Cal and Patti start Kinder in just a few weeks???? That's stress enough for this mommy.

I probably won't post anything else about this run until November... so, if you're thinking about me, just say a little prayer :) Thanks!


Barb said...

That's awesome! Can't wait to hear about it. :) I was with my aunt (she's 49) this past weekend and she was recounting her triathlon she finished a couple of weeks ago in Lubbock. I admire you runners. Sooooo cool!

Jennifer said...

I think you are doing such a great job...and you look great! You inspire me. And if I lived there maybe I could run with you! Or maybe I could watch. ha!!

The Robinsons said...

I'm so proud/jealous of you! Jennifer's right, you are looking fabulous these days, friend! And I wish I had a good, close running buddy. It makes such a big difference being held accountable. Good luck with the training, and I'll be praying/pulling for you!

Me said...

What an inspiration! Please post how things go.

Shelley said...

Yay, you registered!!! We can SO do this, especially in the cooler weather. I'm with you - not exactly sure I'm passionate about running, but I love how accomplished I feel afterward. So happy that you and I run together (and yes, we started in February). We'll get back on track in a week or worries!